Once upon a Summer Day

Once upon a summer day,
in my hands holding a spade,
Mother Nature to me bade,
“Come forth, to garden fair.”
And so I sallied forth therewith,
straw hat upon my hair,
to see what would be calling me,
hot breezes filled the air.

Tho’ quiet from a distance,
garden echoes shout existence;
bees are eking out subsistence
from the blossoms fine array.
Spiders sit upon their web there,
catching morsels that they prepare
and the dragonfly in midair,
keeps the biting foes at bay.

So I peered with deep reflection
at the garden by inspection,
to see if by slight detection
I could see some growth display.
Underneath the bean leaf hiding
I could see the beanlet thriving
and soon more will be arriving,
to fill yon attaché.

With my spade to probe the soil,
continue with the summer toil,
and the weed roots to uncoil
from the tender shoots which grow.
Listen to the bees their humming,
soon the fruit will be forthcoming,
from the sprout which is arising
from the seed which I did sow.

Daydreaming in the sunlight
while the biting bug I did smite,
soon the day turned into moonlight
and my task at hand was done.
So to bed to dream of growing
and more weeds I will be hoeing
for the garden will bestowing,
bounteous fruit stuffs one by one.

Day by day tending the garden,
picking beans before they harden,
and my gloves the dew well sodden,
basket filled with bounty fare.
Chasing rabbit from the pea row,
waving through the air my big hoe,
bounding to the fence he did go;
the elusive wild hare.

Then when harvest time commences
and I climb over the fences,
knowing that cuisine expenses
will be lower than before.
Soon my basket will be filling,
or’ the edges will be spilling
and my family will be willing;
eating nourishing food galore.

The rich soil which I tended
brings forth bounty very splendid
and my prayers they have transcended
to the Great Lord up above.
Thanking Him for much profusion,
from fenced paradised seclusion
and at seasons end conclusion;
stowed away the tattered glove.

~Karen Glenn Farr © 2013

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