Instructions to build a Free Fairy House!

Supplies Needed:

Small branches, twigs & sticks

Completed Fairy Houses

Completed Fairy Houses

Leaves, Pine Needles Dried Flowers

Bark, Moss and Shells

Pinecones, dry corncobs

Feathers, shells, nuts and seeds

Page of Birch Bark Print out

Paper Tube such as Toilet Paper Roll

  1. Collect Supplies: Go outside and look closely at the ground for things that are small and could be used for building material. Try to think like a 3 inch tall fairy. Collect twigs, pebbles, acorn caps, moss, pine needles, bark, leaves and other plant material.
  2. Print out a copy of the birch bark paper.
  3. Cut slits in the top of the paper tube and fold them to the center. Glue. Use tape to hold it together until the glue dries.
  4. Use bits of pine cone for shingles on the roof. Decorate as you desire.
  5. Make a whole village!

Fairy House tp roll 002 Fairy House tp roll 006 Fairy House tp roll 015



Print Out Birch Bark.




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