On June 4, I attended the 2016 Cleveland Writing Workshop presented by Writer’s Digest  and organized by Jessica Bell. The Keynote speaker was Chuck Sambuchino. The focus of the workshop was Getting Your Writing Published and was packed full of tips and helpful instruction.

Various topics were discussed, such as: traditional vs. self-publishing options, finding and connecting to the right agent for your book, writing query letters and book proposals, marketing your book and creating a media platform (this is your visibility to your target audience) and the top ten tips on how to get published. Chuck Sambuchino is a very entertaining speaker and the day passed too quickly.

There was a “Writer’s Got Talent” segment where we enjoyed listening to the first page of random attendee’s manuscripts with critiques by agents in attendance. This was a very interesting portion of the day as we were able to learn what it is that turns an agent off and what propels them to keep reading.

It was nice to meet Mr. Sambuchino, and of course I could not resist purchasing his book, Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript. He graciously autographed it for me.

I was able to pitch my picture book to agent, Vickie Selvaggio from The DeChiara Literary Agency in New York City. I was nervous, this being my first real agent pitch, but she was very nice and easy to talk to. She liked the concept I presented and asked me to send it to her for review. Step one in the many stages of getting a book published, completed! I hope she likes it and we are a good match. Finding an agent is not an easy task or something to enter into lightly.

Maybe a year from now, I will be putting my book up here for all to see!